2 circles of mud

by hush muhney

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we will play philosophy and only crave narratives that end in destruction
we will mouth each other’s words and pretend we knew them before they came
these words that don’t come when called, who is the master who is the dog
things fall into place let’s never say fall apart

put bits and pieces of my mind asleep
and amp up crack out ones that make my mouth scream
pull out bits and pieces of my mind like string
and fill the holes with your child-like singing

let’s sit on a bridge we’ve both never seen
and watch circles of mud flow beneath our feet
will it be cliche when i say this flowing is everything
you’ll wonder why awareness of unity doesn’t bring sanity

we can’t get enough sleep doing things
that distract us from wondering what we’re doing
when my instinct for impulse, to leave home suddenly
kicks in, i can only hope you’ll come with

words as synonyms bleed into concepts as synonyms
bleed into actions as synonyms
we will play philosophy i mean we will lay in bed

things fall into place let’s never say fall apart


released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved