O! Discipline and devotion

by hush muhney

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u want to write stories for the blessing of an implied end, o
discipline and de vo tion


released December 17, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: gr8 amer1ca
i want to get out continuously
like a dog who’s excited to come home and excited to leave
i wanna wear no underwear at great america
then go to my bedroom and sing

sunset blush franzia and shitty cocaine
you know i'm gonna be famous one day

if you delete all your phone conversations compulsively
you will eventually never text first
and then you will just stop talking to everybody
don't mistake maturity for melancholy

are you making shitty pop music, striving for the sound u had as a kid?
are you lacking the intellectuality of melancholy?
striving for anything to sound real again?
Track Name: farm life
in another life
i stayed in college
majored in equine science
live on a farm in kentucky

never feeling out of body

it's never too late
but i am in too deep
emotionally, physically, culturally

when you give
something your all
you have to birth yourself again
to have anything in your shell

how the fuck do you do that?
how do you act out a metaphor
for an action that hasn’t happened yet?

am i recyclable, flowing from something everlasting?
never ever, never ever
never feeling out of body
Track Name: my acidic body
i wasn’t made for the intensity of our uv rays
but baby these uv rays were made for me
i wasn’t made for these intensities
but these intensities were made for me

you got a rock hard case of the psychosomatics
you're on the web reading about detox diets
look in the mirror and see aging skin
without thinking it might just be how life is

is it easier to blame an invisible systemic infection
or parenting or generations and generations of genetics?

i would give up too, amy
sell dead ideas for big money
what feels better than good health, baby?
online yogis on mdma

i don't know what i want my songs to be about anymore
without my heartbreak as a metaphor

i can keep breaking my heart
to break off the pieces of me that need to die
but to get that job done
there ain't enough people alive
Track Name: clarity could be delusion
please god i don’t believe in
don’t ever let me stop making music
it’d be like a clog in a blood vessel
spiritual pulmonary embolism

if i’m not writing
what does that mean to me?
let’s say
i went this whole day
without thinking one single thing

stop trying to make something truly genuine
when you are ever so multi-faceted
allow yourself to be so complex
stop digging holes and covering yourself in dirt
Track Name: aesthetic occupation
hide in layers of allegory
then get peeled back
so raw
you can’t say anything

the silence will be charming
the silence will be daunting
the silence will be telling
the silence will say nothing

they’ll catch me all bloody
say words of concern and caring
my surprise will make me ungrateful
i’ll scurry away to someplace worse

they’ll catch me bloody and living
they’ll catch me silent and writing
they’ll catch me stock-still but screaming
they’ll catch me one day, they will

they’ll catch me having no story to tell
they’ll catch me trying to cook up a spell
of analysis and behavior shaping
caught red-handed, caught not caring

caught with words meaningless
caught spewing misplaced kisses
the words sound better than the meaning within
caught wanting to not want to want this