humans are dogs and horses

by hush muhney

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get it away from me!
bedroom rock
still lovin dogs


released May 28, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: primus
corporate office marijuana
eat shit, 1 cup
the whole universe conspires to kill me
it's obvious, there's no room for me
this city is overflowing
my brain is sweltering, sweating
i can feel which of my cells are dying
no no no i'm happy
and i'm horny on the train
let's get stuck on the train
let's get stuck let's get drunk on the train
the train like me howls to make itself known
Track Name: mag mile
just let me off at the mcdonalds
the one by the magnificent mile
leave me at the aisle
don't u wish u could
the full stocked kitchen (that's lux)
your purple eyelashes (that's lux)
keep me high and focused
Track Name: father please call me girl-son
been so long since i spit one out

church boy in your speech class
he ain't sayin god but he's preachin
clean mind clean body clean soul

my ancestors lie in alabama
they beat their slaves
200 years ago they beat
they drink themselves to sleep
god won't let them die
Track Name: sylvia plath (sophomore)
sylvia plath
beat my ass
all we ever wanted in panera before class

trying to evoke
divine inspiration
triple shot espresso
half-hearted incantations

if i'm ever mad at maddy
i'm not mad at maddy
i'm just mad
Track Name: b
keep me warm and moist in your arms
Track Name: the plan
we always planned to leave
but we never discussed the plan
Track Name: puppy
don't look at me don't look at me
don't torture me so
my eyes will light up
my face all aglow
like a puppy wondering if you'll
ever come home
i'll jump up and lick your face
no self control
just to hear your slow low voice say hello
no self control

don't make me think it's not fucked
don't make me think you won't get bored with me again
Track Name: aya's house
you step up to the curb and i, the bus, will gravitate your way
sometimes i can feel my soul pushing against my skin
sometimes i can feel my love struggling against my wrists
twinkle twinkle liquid bowels i want to be consumed
Track Name: castles iv
nice to see you castles
nice to see that you're still standing
nice to see that you can still leave me breathless after 10 sentences or fewer
nice to see you still got that face that might still be after that current one that you call love
oh yes you're calling love
and it's a dangerous phone call
it's long distance
it's roaming
it's foaming
i'm not sure it's becoming

walk/talk with me and then leave
i'm just the sand between/that burns your toes
castle castle you get more beautiful

the children will build you moats, i'm just the sand that burns your toes and hopefully winds up in your underwear when you get home
Track Name: door
we're all singing different words about how we're feeling shitty
but the dsm still won't acknowledge me
ok let's see let me get your medical history
appendectomy and tonsillectomy
maybe that's why you feel so empty

it's out of my hands and into my throat
Track Name: hell is slow
heaven is a flaming hotel room
hell is a bedroom you cannot leave

i write this from my bedroom
love letters from my bedroom
to you from my bedroom
because i know it cannot be

sweat drop over cracked dry hands
a love letter i cannot send

heaven is returning to your bedroom
heaven is falling asleep
hell is a bedroom you cannot leave
Track Name: got ya
i saw your toot
Track Name: puppy, peach
i've had my fill of songs about u
u've ran your course as my muse
i no longer have anything to do with u
and i've got a lot to do

rachel said love should make u feel expansive

i was thinkin about how i wanted u to kno me
singing in the kitchen
it doesn't make a difference
that is so very alright

rachel said love should make u feel expansive