by hush muhney

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released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: microwaved to death
i will build you a place
where your pain has meaning
your suffering will find peace
though it may never sleep

i'm yelling for recognition
that i will refuse to receive

you can be my placebo pill
you can be my c.b.t.
i love you and i want to
Track Name: 762 pop (old bridge)
human domino
trust fall
shit storm
basement party

traumatization and split-personality
violent repressing and necessity

it had to happen i guess cuz it did
if it couldn’t then it wouldn’t have to be that way

to truly let go is impossible
until you have another bridge
so the old bridge can go

is it gone? have i moved on?
Track Name: keep in a cool, dry place
no single moment was a waste of time
even on days of rest
did you know that love can pay the bills?
i heard street kids tend to have a sense of grandiose self
well, obviously i needed to get sick
obviously i needed this process
the audience doesn’t know what they want til i show them
i call the songs and they will come
i call the dogs and they will run

I want to sing of love for everyone and no one in particular
and I want you to know I mean it
I want to sing of love and I want you to believe it
I want you to remember spring and rush of caffeine
and that you’re not quite your body
however we got detached from the flesh
so you can really be enamored with yourself like a long-lost lover
if my body is a temple, then whom am I worshipping?
who fucking cares!
Track Name: for my wife
at all of our parties
you were feeding me love potions
menstruating into my wine

now while you’re away, i miss your face
i surround myself virtually with it

your love for colors is blood in my veins
i grow from you like next-level evolution
mental horizontal gene swapping, enlightened

menstruating into my wine
you’re careful to be kind
Track Name: aya boogie (work)
i’ll let you know how i feel after work
lemme tell you kid about my recipes for disasters
interaction and perception spectacle show
work yourself work yourself to the bone
Track Name: symbols, cymbals
i’m bursting at the seams with instinct
cherishing primal feelings animalism
smashing concepts of free will
but flying on auto long-term is somehow worrying.
i worry you comfort physically i accept
i worry you comfort naturally i accept
you worry me whittling deadly
to the bone to wear at
a party where i scream coping and
you are touching me cherishing and
i am trying to scare myself with
stranger’s attention somehow destructing
and i give up to fall into you like sleep.
our world is a dream of symbols and
you are accumulating associations like collections
like prizes like altar pieces like children
and so i start saying “i love you” more loosely.
when i look back at this time, i will think of you automatically.
i can only handle juggling so many
people in my life. you’re a king
live with you i think i could i trust we
i believe we will
turn out fine.

i’m bursting at the seams with instinct
cherishing whatever i possibly can and
Track Name: houses with willow trees
you don’t believe in ghosts
you’ve never been someplace haunted
i’ll come back for you

the weather is completely unpredictable now
winter whips around erratic like
all of my selves
the naturally mismatched facets
they are just trying
and by principle i accept them with open arms
and in practice i need to—-

why are there 2 of me or more
whipping me around i can’t recognize shore
the answer is necessity
hard necessity because it has to be

you kissed me and it felt like
biting into an old orange
i hold you and think of big flat white

i care about you so i don’t want you to bury me
love you dead meat see my fate is i’m carrion

the subconscious is functioning
my touch is flailing faltering
i’m bursting at the seams with instinct
cherishing whatever i can

romeo and juliet was a suicide pact
they planned it they planned it
they bought houses where willow trees grow

the anxiety comes in shivers now
the pressures comes in waves
i say